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For Sale in South Africa

R 129 999
Nissan Almera 2017
  • Almera
  • Manual
R 79 950
Nissan Micra 2014
  • Micra
  • 97500 mi
  • Manual
R 89 999
Opel Corsa Utility 2011
  • Corsa Utility
  • Manual
R 340 000
Mercedes-Benz C-200 AMG 2012
  • C-200 AMG
  • 135794 mi
  • Automatic
R 269 999
BMW X1 2016
  • X1
  • 98000 mi
  • Automatic
R 189 999
BMW 1 Series 2014
  • 1 Series
  • 84000 mi
  • Automatic

Motoring News & Reviews

Cars for Sale signage has become one of the commonest signage to see in South Africa since Car Dealerships are being established every now and then yet, few Car Dealerships bring satisfactory to their buyers.

When it comes to New & Used Cars for Sale in Gauteng, South Africa, SG Cars is one of the few Car Dealerships that strive harder to bring satisfaction.

Searching for used cars for sale in Gauteng or South Africa to be precisely is not as difficult as buying a used car in South Africa.

At SG cars, we strive harder to make the buying aspect as easy as the searching aspect. To learn more about SG Cars, navigate to the “About Us” page

Driving to numerous car dealerships and paging through lengthy car magazines were fairly the best two ways to obtain a car in the past. Thank God for technology which has made life easier globally.

SG Cars utilizes technology in an effective way to help its potential buyers to search for their preferred new or used cars online. They then proceed to make further inquiry telephonically or via emails before driving to our center.

We also advertise our cars via cars.co.za and autotrader.co.za respectively. All cars for sale on our website are in good condition.

Buying a car through Finance? Use our Financing Calculator to enable you know which of the preferred cars you will be able to repay comfortably.

The Financing Calculator is located at the right side of the individual or single pages of our new or used cars for sale on our website.

Searching through numerous cars online is good for window shopping or a person who isn’t searching for a car from a specific manufacturer. But if you have a specific manufacturer in mind then you can search your preferred car by Make on our homepage.

Here at SG Cars, our uploaded cars for sale are made up of New and Used. For this reason, the search results shows the state of the cars whether New or Used.